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CCSD will be providing free lunches to all students during the winter break at Shiprock High School and Kirtland Middle School.


Lunch will be served on the following dates from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm:

***December 26th, 27th, and 28th (Wed, Thu, Fri)

***January 2nd, 3rd, and 4th (Wed, Thu, Fri)


Christmas Break!!!

Christmas Break for CCSD students will happen starting Monday, December 24th, 2019 through Tuesday, January 8th, 2019. The spring classes will begin on Wednesday, January 9th.


All district personnel are to report for professional development days Monday 1/7 and Tuesday 1/8.



Candy Grams are now available from student council members!

There are three types available for $1, $3, and $5.

Please see a student council member ASAP to buy a Candy Gram- they will be given out on Thursday, Dec. 20th and Friday, Dec 21st!


End-of-Course Tests and Final Exams

Career Prep will have End-of-Course Tests and Final Exams the week of Dec. 17th – Dec 21st.

Please do not be absent on these days as you cannot make them up over the break!


MONDAY (Dec. 17th)  TESTS:

**Modern US History

**Anatomy & Physiology

**New Mexico History



**World History



TUESDAY (Dec. 18th) TESTS:

**Financial Literacy


**Physical Science






There will be a short Intensive English session of CareerPrep@Night from December 10th to December 21st.


Enrollment has closed and students need to attend EVERY DAY of the session- do not be absent!


Ongoing Phoenix Events:


School-Based Health Clinic

See a provider here at school without having to travel and miss school!

Providers are here every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 9am.


Career Prep@Night




The next round of classes in CareerPrep@Night will start January 14th! This Session is Science and Math with Mr. Felis and Mr. Marcilla.


Classes will meet Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 3:30pm-7:30pm.


If you haven't registered for classes, stop by Mr. Manus' office and verify which classes you need, then go to the office and sign up with Ms. Benally.


Students with jobs during the day can take their Credit Recovery classes at night! Also, if you are a CPHS student and have an online class you can come use a computer after school.


Snacks and Daycare will be provided.


Saturday School


Each Quarter, there will be only TWO Saturday Schools to make up absences and tardies. These are the remaining the Saturday Schools this year:


Quarter 2 - 12/15

Quarter 3 - 2/16 and 3/9

Quarter 4 - 4/13 and 5/11



Saturday School is 8am-12noon.

Every 30 minutes clears ONE absence

If you are there ALL FOUR HOURS you get double attendance credit!


Pledge of Allegiance


·  If you would like to say the Pledge of Allegiance in the mornings, drop by the office right before school the day you want to say it.

·  Let your 1st period teacher know ahead of time so they won't mark you tardy!

·  If you need some practice, here is an excellent recitation on YouTube:



See Archived News.


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NM Public Education Department



CPHS Information:

Post Office Box 3514
West Hwy. 64
Shiprock, New Mexico 87420
Phone: (505) 368-4980
Fax: (505) 368-5703


PRINCIPAL........................................Mrs. Staci Gallaher
COUNSELOR........................................Mr. Dwayne Manus
ATTENDANCE SECRETARY.............................Ms. Regina Benally
REGISTRAR/LIBRARIAN..............................Ms. Joann John
DAYCARE DIRECTOR.................................Ms. Laurinda Warren
SCHOOL HEALTH NURSE..............................Ms. Dawn Fowler
SCHOOL HEALTH AIDE...............................Ms. Paige Toehe
WORK EXPERIENCE COORDINATOR......................Ms. Brianna Bergtholdt

Mission Statement:
The mission of Career Prep High School is to provide students with the opportunities necessary to earn a high school diploma. This will be accomplished by creating a positive learning environment, maintaining high expectations and challenging students to make choices that will result in life-long learning, career development, cultural awareness and community involvement.

The complex is located on West Highway 64 just past Eva B. Stokely Elementary School and the Phil Thomas Performing Arts Center.
Turn at the light by the City Market shopping complex heading North/West and proceed past Dine College West, Shiprock High, The Phil, EBS, and turn at the CPHS digital sign.
The entrance to Career Prep is near the flag poles.

Since it opened in 1994 as the alternative school for Central Consolidated School District, Career Prep High School has been serving students who have needed a different approach to education.  With its smaller learning community, focus on relationships with students, and a career focus, CPHS students find an opportunity to excel. Student interests guide their course selection towards a career program of study. Faculty advisors assist them in pursuing their career goals and overcoming barriers to success in school.