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Front Office Information
Front Office Information
  • All messages for students must be received by 2:30pm. We will not deliver or take any messages after 2:30pm since our office is busiest at the end of the day.
  • ID is required (Per. District) in order to visit or check-out any students.
  • Cut off time for check out is at 2:45pm. Our office is busiest at the end of the day and all check-outs will be entered by 2:45pm
  • All students that are tardy or coming to school late must see the Attendance Secretary or have a note from parent stating why they were Late.
  • All students that were absent must turn in their notes or doctor's notes to the front office.
  • Parents that need to update their contact information (address and phone number) can go to the front office.
  • All Check Outs after 2:45pm must require a doctor's appointment slip.
  • Questions regarding attendance can go to Ms.Chase.
  • If you are planning to attend TBA or transfer out, please contact Ms.Chase
  • Any request for student records please contact Ms.Chase
Financial Secretary
  • Any fees that need to be paid for students must go to the Ms.Tyler, financial Secretary.
Ms. Shina Benally
Mrs. Patricia Chase
Mrs. Elaine Tyler
School Secretary
PowerSchool Secretary
Financial Secretary



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